Welcome to Mary's Gate

a virtual shrine for travelers on the journey of life

The site is so named, because this gate stays open always and for everyone. Although virtual, it is for real; and like all shrines it is designed to enable people to deepen their sense of identity and to find greater purpose, meaning and happiness in life.

We recognize the right and natural need for you and all human beings to exercise absolute freedom in shaping your basic viewpoints, values, principles and goals. We trust that you and others who visit this site will be of the same mind. In this belief we want you to know that we hold Mary in much the same esteem as does her son, Jesus, and that this recognition of goodness, beauty and truth in a human being figures significantly in how we see our own identity and purpose.

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As gate keepers for this interactive site, we are at your service in every way possible, none more important to our mutual benefit than in listening to you well enough for both of us to understand what you have to say. However ardently people may wish to be friends, there is a strong correlation between knowledge and love--which is why it takes listening to be a friend. As is clear from its stated purpose, this interactive website is not set up to be a chat room or an arena for argumentation. It is to serve as an ongoing public forum given to purposeful discussion and dialogue in a common search for truth and in the discernment and sharing of those values which matter the most. It can also afford you the precious opportunity to lay down your burdens for a spell and experience the relaxation that renews the spirit.

There is enough manifest evidence on hand for us to realize that the laws of human behavior are as rigorous as the law of gravity: we are in a constant state of becoming what we are. Philosopher Gabriel Marcel puts a positive spin on this principle by stating that “Love creates the lover.” There is much to be found in the environment, the exchanges and the many resources in MARY’S GATE to ennoble, inspire and enrich a person on the journey here on earth. What begs for attention is in that worn and seldom heeded exhortation: “Be all that you can be!” The belief that God made us opens up inconceivable wonders that make worldly alternatives look like yesterday’s rubbish. We offer you the a chance to reach the realization of joy to its fullest!